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The "Yapper" blog

The OWS newsletter, "The Yapper", is no longer published in print. It has been moved to an online "blog" format.

Yapper Blog

"Follow" the blog by using an RSS reader to be notified when new information is posted (smart phone users, look for an "app" to do that) OR by signing up to be notified via email when a new article is published. (see the "follow" button on the right side). Click on the categories at the top to pull up articles on that subject. One of the advantages to this format is that articles can be published one at a time so they can come on a more continuous basis. Also, you can comment on the articles and share them more publicly.

The Yapper Blog discusses Samoyed training, conditioning, nutrition, and health issues, as well as profiling dogs, people and kennels who have been influential in the Samoyed working arena. All OWS members may add to the printed body of knowledge about working Samoyeds by submitting letters and articles of their own.

Editor and information contact:

Working Samoyed Email List

This is an email discussion group sponsored by the Organization for the Working Samoyed (OWS).

Go to the OWS Group page to subscribe to the list, or change your subscription options.

Once you are subscribed, to post a message to all the list members, send email to:

The primary purpose of this list is to establish and maintain a healthy network of Samoyed owners who are actively working their dogs in any number of working venues. We focus on venues such as sled dog racing, skijoring, herding, weight pull, obedience, pack hiking, therapy and agility. Through questions and answers we hope to encourage Samoyed owners to improve the performance of their dogs, to share their success, tips and observations about the working environment, and to link people and dogs to competitive events in their part of the world.

This list has been successful for several years, because those who subscribe have maintained a high degree of "list protocols". These include the common sense rules of "no flaming", no self promotion, no commercial or business-based sales, however information regarding the sale of working-related equipment by an individual (not part of a business) is permitted. Information about potential breedings or available adult dogs is to be conducted off-line. No solicitations for the sale of puppy or adult dogs is permitted.